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Only love can purify your heart

The “Rooie” has been adopted! The money raised will go to non-profit organisations helping animals in need.

Hanoii,  7 July 2007

Sleek in her silky chocolate brown coat, Hanoii lives her life in a calm and assertive way. It’s said that the eyes are the window to the soul and Hanoii with her bright yellow/gold coloured eyes seems to reveal nothing but tranquillity and love.

Although her composed and almost shy appearance, she is a very determined feline. She is not a big eater but quite picky on what she likes to be served. Meat and poultry are not customary and you can not tempt her with unhealthy cat treats or snacks. Hanoii prefers to eat fish and you have no better friend when feeding her fresh salmon or tuna. Her waking hours are mainly at night time during which she likes to keep you company when you watch your favourite soaps on TV. When you go to sleep, Hanoii will enjoy some hours outside, so long as it doesn’t rain.

With her affinity for ancient wisdom, Hanoii will be able to enlighten you in dark times with her unconditional love. She believes that you can purify your body through healthy food and regular exercising, but that only love can purify your troubled heart….and for you, Hanoii will purrrrr love as much as you like!

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Don’t pussyfoot around the hot potato

The “Rooie”, 4 August 2006

The Rooie doesn’t pussyfoot around the hot potato; if he sees something he likes, he will jump right on to it.  With his big and beautiful emerald eyes, he sees and seizes life’s opportunities as they come along. And it doesn’t matter what it is, the Rooie is always the first to help out turning nice ideas into action.

So when the Rooie became aware of the thought to sell the hand painted “Katstokken” – The Catpeg – and to donate the profits to the less fortunate cats and felines in the world, he immediately volunteered for this good cause.

So now you can buy the Rooie (or one of his friends) and decorate your wall with him as your very special c(o)atpeg. The Rooie will come in a nice box and his personal certificate with birth date and character description. So don’t pussyfoot any longer and purchase the Rooie or one of his friends and help providing funds for non-profit organisations that work in the area of animal care and rescue, .

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TAPAS Group supports team Amicitia in bike tour for Doctors Without Borders

The Tour for Life is an intensive 6-Day fundraising bike tour for Doctors Without Borders. Members of the soccer team Amicitia from Groningen, who had volunteered to fundraise to support the Doctors Without Borders life-saving work around the world, were sponsored by the TAPAS Group BV.

Besides the fact that TAPAS Group members have stocked up their cellar with sufficient wine to survive the winter, also their logo was displayed on the muscular thighs of the cyclists.

The total fundraising has currently reached 1 million Euro’s – team Amicitia has been able to collect almost €20.000 in the Tour for Life 2011!

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